Gokarts: Danish produced offroad gocarts for active boys and girls of all ages. Also gocart motors, engines and other parts.
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Danish produced offroad gocarts for active boys and girls of all ages. Also gocart motors, engines and other parts.

At no time were there fewer than six BOCARTS on the track, and their durability proved to be exceptionally high.

When it started to get dark in the afternoon, the track was illuminated by floodlamps.

In cooperation with our English importer Autoculture, Briggs & Stratton (American motor manufacturer), Calorgas, Countax (England's biggest manufacturer of garden tractors), Red Bull energy drink, the BBC and other major companies, we held a big charity race on 16 November just outside London.

International BOCART race in England
International BOCART race in England

The mood was fantastic right from the morning. People were arriving as early as 8.00 a.m. to examine the track and try it out. The temperature was around freezing, but the sun shone from a cloudless sky, so a better setting could hardly have been desired. People gathered around the finishing area around 8.45 a.m. and everybody was given their final instructions. There were six teams with six drivers per team, with drivers rotating after a minimum of 24 laps and 12 refuellings. Each time a team made a pitstop, a card was presented for either a change of driver or a refuelling, so planning of the day was important for all participating teams. At 9.00 a.m. the race was started by the BBC TV weather girl, and the first laps were rather crowded until all BOCARTS had spread out around the track.

The BOCART is a cross-country go-cart for active boys and girls of all ages, gokarts.


The BOCART is made by BOCART A/S.

The BOCART is made in Denmark. This means that you are assured of spare parts if an accident should happen.

BOCART stocks all parts - your assurance of fast supply.

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Phone (+45) 7577 3777

BOCART makes a range of motorised go-carts and we also sell go-carts with pedals.
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