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International BOCART race in England
Toys for fast boys

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Toys for fast boys
Europe's biggest manufacturer of go-carts lives in Ejstrupholm
Text: Poul Christensen
Photo: Morten Marboe

EJSTRUPHOLM - where they make toys for fast boys and girls from 5 to 80 years in the workshops at Søndermarken.

They weld and fit and assemble and tinker around, but the radio music drowns the sounds of the work which appear when go-carts are being made - or Bocarts, as the 40-year-old Bo Sørensen calls his company, which he has run for 10 years. But we have to go back 20 years to begin at the beginning
As an 18-year-old apprentice mechanic, Bo was in Belgium, where he tried a go-cart on a track. Even then, Bo was inclined to step hard on the accelerator and tame the horse power.
- I told myself I wanted to make things like this when I came home, says Bo, admitting that he's a slow starter.
Ten years of thinking about it passed before he began in the garage and the shed, a total of 44 square metres at home with his parents in Sdr. Felding in 1991.

And it became something other than the traditional go-cart which is raced on a track.

50 km an hour
It became a cross-country go-cart, primarily for use at home. It's available in four sizes. The biggest is called "Exxtrem". The next is called "Panther". The second-smallest also has a bite - it's called "Cobra". And the smallest, which can also run at a good pace, is called "Rabbit". The speeds are up to 50 km/hr, and they cost DKK 10,000 and up.
Bo Sørensen moved the company to Ejstrupholm in 1995, where he commenced with 300 square metres. Today he has 1,100 square metres. Once he started, he soon gathered speed.
- It has gone particularly well in the last two years. Exports in particular have grown, Bo says, but he won't reveal the exact number of go-carts sold each year for reasons of competition.
- You can write that we're the biggest customer for Honda motors in Denmark, says Bo, while we go through the warehouse. There are 10 pallets with off-road tyres filling one end of the room.
- We'll use these in two weeks, Bo explains, also noting that Bocart is Europe's biggest manufacturer of go-carts.

Children's toys
He continues:
- Now I'll tell you something important. Success is due to two things: competent and committed employees, and a constant unrelenting sales effort. We're all proud of what we make. Over at installation, the order slips are pinned to a notice board. A delivery to Germany, another to Switzerland. And some for Djuus Summerland and a Danish leisure club.
- The foreign importers sell on to the final users, but in Denmark we sell directly to consumers, who are predominantly private people. It's a wonderful job to make a toy which can bring joy to children and the young at heart, says Bo Sørensen.

More expansion
And Bo thinks the outlook for the future is good. People have more leisure and more money. Bocart has also recently refined and improved its go-carts. The new series, for example, has a new steering system in which all moving parts are housed in a ball bearing, so it is, so to speak, indestructible.
Bo also has to decide soon on his plans for the longer term. The premises in Ejstrupholm will soon be crowded, and there are no further options for expansion.
- I can choose to remain at the present level and stay here. But there's also potential to expand, says Europe's biggest manufacturer of go-carts. The decision has not yet been made. But he has made another decision. He will take the time for motor racing again, as in his younger days - but this time in vintage cars. It will be an old Ford Escort, but one in which Bo Sørensen can also speed.


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